Brandon Keeley is a singer songwriter from Seattle. His songs are mainly about the complexities of human emotions wrapped in feelings of love, pain and happiness.

He started playing guitar when he was 10. The first song he ever learned was Stairway to Heaven on his Dad’s white 1962 Fender Jazzmaster. From there he started to write his own music and lyrics.

Into his teenage years he kept writing songs which culminated in his first full length studio recorded album called “Bright Future”. During his high school graduation performance he fell in love with playing live.

Brandon formed two different bands, ‘Boulevard’ and ‘The American West’ along with continuing to pursue his solo songwriting and recording. He continued to write constantly using music and songwriting as an emotional outlet for whatever was going on in his life. His discovery of Freeride Mountain Biking gave him an expression in the album ‘Cycles’ which speaks about his phase of life during that time. Consequently, all the albums he recorded have a story hidden in them which need to be uncovered through listening.

Now in the current phase of Brandon’s musical journey he is going forward with his solo work including new, emotive, simple recordings that really showcase the lyrics and song the way they should. The true feel of his music is seen in his live performances where the passion in his voice and lyrics shines through.